Spanning 150 talks over 5 days on May 16-20, Data By the Bay 2016 is a by-data engineers, for-data engineers developer and data scientist conference. 3 full-day training courses run on May 15 at the conference venue (Microservices, Agile Data Science with Spark, and NLP).

Data By the Bay is the first five-day, seven-conference matrix, or Data Grid conference. It consists of vertical tracks, corresponding to application areas such as NLP, IoT, Life Sciences, UX, Business Workflows, Data for Democracy and Government. The horizontal tracks are data platforms, pipelines, and algorithms, and they both span all the verticals, and concentrate in the first day, called Data Pipelines.

The main goal of Data By the Bay is connecting the best data engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders with each other. Engineers and scientists build open-source tools that startups and enterprises can take to production quickly, and that they can learn and improve. In return, web-scale production leads to massive datasets and use cases improving the software and pushing frontiers of science.

Join in-depth talks from Google (BigQuery and Translate), Baidu Research, MetaMind, StitchFix (Deep Learning), Microsoft, Bloomberg, Quora, Dato (Machine Learning), Netflix (Recommender Systems), IBM (Watson), Facebook, ClearStory (DataViz), LinkedIn, Yahoo, H2O, Mesosphere (Data Pipelines), Samsung, Automatic (IoT), Salesforce, Workday, Cloudera (Spark), Pivotal (OSS), Zillow, Pandora, Nitro, Mattermark, Credit Karma, University of California-Berkeley, Stanford University, City of San Francisco, and many others.

Great talks By the Bay have the following features:

  • Close to code -- live coding, code snippets, github repos are our friends
  • Close to data -- public datasets, examples of data, data insights
  • Close to business -- your startup depends on it, and you're proud of it -- share it!
  • Close to people -- great stuff is shareable, and great makers make great speakers. Let's connect around our interests!

We intend for each talk to be a call to

  • learn new things directly
  • use open-source proven to do great things in your own business
  • inspire you to take a Coursera course or data science bootcamp
  • connect with potential advisors, colleagues, open-source authors and fellow users
  • move the community forward together

Please refer to each individual conference for more details about the topics of interest. See the full schedule here.

Last year, we started with a two-day, three-track, 50-talk conference. We've put together an inspiring program centered around language, Big Data, text and images, deep learning, UI, social networks, and much more.

Only 300 tickets are available each day and and we will have a truly intimate technical community atmosphere.

7 conferences colocated over 5 days as a matrix
San Francisco

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